Eutelsat is represented by the following entities in the Americas:

Eutelsat Americas

Eutelsat Americas’ mission is to interconnect the world from America through the use of innovative satellite solutions for video, data and government services.

Eutelsat America Corp.

Eutelsat America Corp. is a US-based company offering a wide range of broadband and data solutions to support government services.

Eutelsat do Brasil

Eutelsat do Brasil Participatoes is the holding company with a 100% interest in Eutelsat do Brasil.




Responsibility and sustainability

Work and family

At Eutelsat we aim to make our daily work a social activity that promotes personal and professional development. As a complement to our goals, we have three major areas that we constantly review: diversity, human rights and training. We identify the needs of our employees, investing time and resources for their personal development, with training and career plans to create content and competent people.

Eutelsat is one family and we work every day to strengthen it further. That is why we are committed to keeping the working life of our employees in balance with their family lives; spreading and supporting integration events, developing social, cultural and sporting activities that encourage them to participate and feel part of this family.

Customer service

We offer cutting edge satellite services that seek to exceed the expectations of our customers by giving them significant benefits.

In Eutelsat our customers are the most important element for our business development. We specialize in providing personalized service, creating close relationships, and providing effective solutions anytime, anywhere in the continent. We have a very clear goal: to satisfy each of the requirements of our customers, as if they were our own.

Social responsibility

Eutelsat helps in the development of a sustainable society to make media and technology available for everyone. We support community strategies for the expansion of telecommunications.

For example, in the Americas, we seek to strengthen rural communications through the production and transmission of "Radio, the voice of the farmers" and the promotion of women in indigenous communities of Chiapas and Veracruz.


At Eutelsat, we seek talented professionals with initiative, willing to become a part of a high performance team committed to delivering results and become our most precious asset: our people, the Eutelsat family.

We are looking for individuals who are experts in their field - with excellent qualifications, naturally, but above all a genuine intellectual curiosity. We are a dynamic and evolving organization which operates one of the world’s largest satellite fleets in geostationary orbit. If you thrive on change and have a self-directed drive to succeed, Eutelsat may be your next career move.